Home Improvement Blunders for Buyers to Watch Out for

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Not all things on the report should cause red flags or cause the buyer to back out. However here are four projects that might need a further look before going any farther in the buying process:

1. Improperly installed decks. Wobbly decks cause a red flag to go up for inspectors. Decks should not move when someone is walking on them. Decks can collapse if they are not properly attached to the home which is a big safety hazard.home with a deck2. Removing load-bearing walls. If the house seems perfect except for the sagging ceiling in the living room, there may be some structural damage behind the walls. Open floor plans are in high demand, but if the homeowner took down a wall without identifying the load-bearing wall, it may cause for some hefty fixes in the future.

3. Incorrect plumbing. A common mistake homeowners engage in is installing their own sink and cabinet that they have purchased from a big-box store. With improper piping, clogging, build-up or leaking can occur which invites mold into the home.

4. Faulty electrical. Electrical problems are often hazardous so it’s good to keep an eye out. Many times homeowners may add two wires to one circuit breaker when there should only be one. Or they use a wire that’s too small in a breaker which can pose a fire hazard.electrical boxNone of these home problems are check marks to pass on a home, but they should give the buyer a pause and to think about their budget or asking the seller to make some repairs before moving any further. DIY projects can be fun but some things should be left up to the professionals! #ShorewestRealtors #DIY #BuyerTips

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